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​​​Leonie Westbrook

An aspect of my practice is that I create cardboard models. Noticing that these would change over time, I began to let this inform my making while working the metal. The idea and object develop simultaneously, and I like to think of this as an ongoing conversation between the two materials. 

White rectangle began in card, then metal with the exact same dimensions, both starting out as a flat piece of material that is then cut and manipulated. As time passes the model relaxes into softer shapes and curves, stretching downwards if hung, or gently sagging if placed on my bench for a while.

I felt obliged to ‘reply’ by gently manipulating the metal to reflect the changing model because its only reason for existence was to direct my making

National Contemporary Jewellery Award


White Rectangle has been accepted into this Biennial award, which is currently on show at Griffith Regional Art Gallery until September 11th. 

White Rectangle, 2016. Monel, paint.